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Apparatus AMOK-2 of controlled intestine cleaning

The technology s novelty of the controlled intestine cleaning with the aid of the apparatus “AMOK-2” is the simultaneous giving and draining of the liquid, which wash the intestines off. Under the dynamic temperature and pressure control in the intestine make possible for 15-20 minutes, excepting the active defecation act, to remove the intestine contents and to extract the endotoxin from the flood, flowing through the vascular intestines channel.

On the basis of clinical experience were worked out recommendations to the caning out a treatment in the medical and sanatorium-resort establishments of different types, including:
– for the prophylaxis of the alimentary canal illnesses of atherosclerosis and of the cardiovascular illnesses
– during the preoperative and of the cardiac surgery and oncological patients
– with acute and chronic illnesses of the allergic genesis
– with the alcoholic, medicine, drugs and other exogenous poisonings
– with the inflammatory illnesses of the large intestine: spastic and nonspecific ulcerative colitis, large intestine stasis.

The using of the apparatus “AMOK-2” during caning out the treatment and sanitary measures conduce:
– to the intestines cleaning from residues
– to the removing radionuclids, heavy metals, phenols from the organism
– to the considerable reduction of the cholesterol in the blood
– to the reduction of the excess weight without special diet
– to the improving patient general condition
– to the removing cutaneous edema
– to the skin cleaning from different eruptions
– to the improving skin elasticity

The main descriptions of the apparatus “AMOK-2”

The possibility of the simultaneously liquid farcing into the intestines and removing of the contents trough the special probe with the regulated volumetric giving of the 0.2/2.0 litre in a minute.
Checking of the intestine pressure, temperature and liquid volume, which had been given into the intestine, during the treatment and the automatic slopping of the liquid giving with the simultaneous light and sound signalling during the excess of the pressure and temperature readings (40C and 70 millimetre of mercury).

Into the set are included: the healing appliance “Termex” (Italian manufacture), the water-filter “Aquafor”, the set of probes, food reservoir


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