This method combines two modern approaches to aesthetic medicine, and exceeds all contemporary methods in both the therapeutic influence and the results generated by such influence.

Therapeutic METHOD ENERGY – DEBUSSY consists of two parts:

1. Therapeutic METHOD DEBUSSY THERMODERMIE utilizing the DEBUSSY apparatus is based on infrared-light healing with a unique wavelength of 840 to 1100 nanometers, penetrating the human skin by up to 4 centimeters deeper than visible light.

2. The METHOD ENERGY consisting of:

  • A combination of 10 treatment formulas according to the individual’s needs and reactions
  • Oligotherapy (five oligocomplexes based on powerful anti-oxidant treatments)
  • Balneotherapy and ointments for a powerful body massage
  • Exclusive ENERGY massage technique
  • Restoration and normalisation of alkali-acid balance for the skin according to the ENERGY method
  • Personalised treatment (diagnosis, identification and preparation of individual treatment programs for the specific morphology and body state of the individual)

The unique combination of the two methods – METHOD DEBUSSY THERMODERMIE and METHOD ENERGY – via an individual program and usage of ENERGY functional products allows an increase in the effectiveness of procedures by 30%. The methodology provides the ability to influence and repair hurt or damaged areas, including skin, soft tissue, muscle and sinews – all without adverse side effects!

METHOD ENERGY – DEBUSSY is successfully used in dermatology, restorative cosmetology, reuhtatology, traumatology (pain and inflammations), pre- and post-operation periods. It enables the following restorative effects:

Anti-inflammatory local and body-wide effect

  • Vasodilating effect
  • Lymph-drainage effect
  • Anesthetizing effect
  • Wound-fastening effect
  • Anti-stress and relaxation effects

This achieves an active stimulation of blood flow, amplification of the cellular metabolism, activation of neuorhormonal and immune system factors.

As a result of applying the new METHOD ENERGY – DEBUSSY, the human body can be influenced:

  • Biologically
  • Pharmaceutically
  • Physiologically
  • Psychologically

METHOD ENERGY-DEBUSSY recommended for treating:

  • Cellulitis
  • Wrinkles
  • Hypostases
  • Declining skin quality
  • Fat dispersal
  • Scar tissue
  • Pre- and post- operative period
  • Inflammations of sinews
  • Muscle pain

The methodology of the exclusive METHOD ENERGY – DEBUSSY

Stage 1. Cleansing and skin preparation (10 minutes)

Using cleansing ointments (Basic cleansing milk – 11 , Skin exfoliant -14 , Soft peeling – 160), thoroughly cleanse the skin on face, neck and body.

Stage 2. Application of ENERGY formulas (5-10 minutes)

Apply 5 to 6 drops of one formula on lymphatic points, and stimulate the lumphatic system using the ENERGY method.

Stage 3. The DEBUSSY THERMODERMIE apparatus.

Phase 1. Warm-up (5 minutes).
Phase 2. Procedures (12-30 minutes).

Stage 4. Recovery and relaxation.

This includes applying ENERGY cosmetic products according to the selected program, and an ENERGY massage (point-based, lymph-draining).

In 5 consecutive sessions

that is, in 1 week


debussy method



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