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Clinic Forniks was founded in 1993, it’s a special medical center of plastic surgery, general surgery and dermocosmetology.

Among its numerous employees there are Candidates of Medical Sciences, physicians of top qualification, they are engaged in solving the problems of today such as aesthetic, reconstrucrive surgery of the face and body, dermocosmetology. They try to find new ways in therapeutic correction of dermodiseases and skin defects.

There are children and adults among the patients of plastic surgery section, sections of dermatosurgery and cosmetology in the clinic. Great attention has been paid to a new trend in clinic’s practice, that is the rehabilitation of patients after oncological surgery and traumatic deformations of face and body.

Clinic’s specialists are working over new effective methods to rehabilitate patients with inborn and acquired deformities.

We are always happy to render aid to our visitors and “open” for professionals.

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Tulika tee 42, 10613 Tallinn Estonia


(+372) 6 610 700 – registry

(+372) 6 610 701 – cosmetology

E-mail: forniks@hot.ee



Reception hours: Mon+Sat 8.30-19.00

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